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Adrienne Bowen Events

Edible Gifts * Candy Buffet & Dessert Stations

Beverage Buffet

Coffee * Hot Chocolate * Hot Tea Bar

Perfect for Winter or Evening Events

Warm your guest up with Starbucks or Folgers Coffee

Regular or Decaf

Choose either white glass coffee mugs or disposable coffee cups with personalized coffee sleeves.

Hot Chocolate Pops

Mint * Pepper Mint *Marshmallow

 Individually wrapped for your guest as favors! 


The Perfect Blend of Love & Coffee Buffet

Your Wedding or Party Guest can scoop up their very own coffee favor bags ~ Blend of bold, mild & decaf coffees. 

 FLAVORS: French Vanilla * Hazel Nut * House Blend * Pumpkin Spice * Butter Toffee * Caramel * Colombian * House Blend Decaf * Southern Pecan